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Tips for an Effective Bathroom Remodeling

You may think that there's no chance for your bathroom to be more functional, look bigger and easy to move around but if you will plan a small bathroom remodeling, you'll learn otherwise. Determining specific areas that requires update is basically the first thing you need to do. Then after, you've got to look at your budget because even with small remodeling project, it will cost you large sum of money.See more about Des Moines bathroom remodeling.

Your bathroom is greatly affected by the walls so if you want to give it a different appeal, just a simple color change of the walls will be enough. Using lighter colors similar to light green, peach, yellow and light blue can make it feel bigger than it is. If you have budget to perform total overhaul of the area, you'd want to change as well the accessories, flooring, paint and fixtures. If your budget permits, consider replacing the sink, bathtub and toilet as well.

Building an impression of more space is one of the numerous ways that can be done in making the most of your bathroom space, particularly if it's  a small remodeling project. Aside from light colored wall paint, if you're replacing the floors, choose pale tiles for it as well as around the sink or shower to coordinate with wall color. Your bathroom will look smaller if you use dark colors so if you can, try to avoid such.

Lighting is yet another place where you must spend your money. Going for recessed lighting fixture in the ceiling or mounted above the sink makes the bathroom look bigger and brighter without taking much space. A great way of reflecting light while making your space look spacious too is simply putting up large mirror.

Another thing that you must not forget is buying new small fixtures. If you wish to get rid of your old bathtub, you may consider installing a stand-up shower or smaller tub. Explore more at

You want to use a pedestal sink especially if you have old homes because more often than not, it has large vanity sinks. By doing this, it can almost instantly make your bathroom appear bigger. Keeping the clutter out of your bathroom is one bathroom remodeling tip that will cost you not much. There are so many ways how this can be done like if you have linen closet, put things that you don't regularly used, if you got a corner, then build corner shelve to create more storage space etc. If you want more storage space, why not try building flat cabinets to the wall?
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